WiFi Smart Video Doorphone


WiFi Smart Video Doorphone Support WIFI,movement detecting,real time video and audio chat with visitor;Can take photo;With intercom function,voice loudly;Support monitor function.



  1. Support WIFI

  2. Movement detecting,Intrusion alarm zone

  3. Support real time video and audio chat with visitor

  4. Support picture snapping and video recording function,Can take photo;

  5. Camera:200 PIXELS 、Field of View: 140.1° Super Width

  6. Support Night vision and built-in IR CUT technology,available day and night

  7. Shell waterproof design,With rain-proof cover; IP55

  8. There relay signal output,Electronic door locks can be controlled

  9. Support visit records check

  10. Application Areas:Villas, Apartments, Hotels and Offices.

  11. With unlock function(suitable DC 12V often open/often atresia lock),can connect to access control power supply;

  12. One doorbell can support max to 8 mobile devices;

  13. One mobile device can support max to 4 WiFi doorbells;

  14. With intercom function,voice loudly;

  15. Support motion detect alarm;

  16. Support monitor function through mobile device;Can be applied Android, iPhone ,IPAD APP Software,Support 8 APP users


  1. Wireless connection:WIFI  A/B/G/N

  2. Camera:CMOS(1/3")  200 PIXELS

  3. Field of View:140.1° Super Width

  4. Video:VGA / 720P(640*480)

  5. Audio:Support ,Speaker and Microphone

  6. APP Function:Support,Android, IPHONE ,IPAD APP Software

  7. APP users:A wireless doorbell can support 8 APP users

  8. Relay Signal:Support,Controllable Power locks Achieve open function

  9. Movement detecting:PIR function

  10. LED PIR lights:Built-in 6 LED lights for night work

  11. Power Input:12V

  12. Dimensions:2.56" x 5.9" x 1.57"

  13. Fuselage Weight:359g 

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Address:4/F, 6 Building,Jianghao Industrial Park, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518129,China

   Address:4/F, 6 Building,Jianghao Industrial Park, Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, 518129,China