baby monitor camera

DESCRIPTION:The image can be seen bigger, the image can be seen more clearly.

The image can be seen bigger, the image can be seen more clearly

It adopts a 5-inch 1280x720P/25fps ultra-large high-definition screen, the picture quality is more delicate, larger than the traditional baby monitor, and gives the baby more care. The camera achieves 1280x720P/25fps high-definition video, which is at least 10 times more clear than the traditional 240P baby monitor, the image is more realistic, and the baby is always aware of subtle changes.

.The image can be seen wider

By controlling the up, down, left and right buttons on the screen, the camera can be easily rotated at 0-355 degrees horizontally and 0-70 degrees vertically. After the baby grows up, the range of motion is larger and can be easily observed.

.Image and sound transmission distance is longer

The transmission distance of image and sound in residential areas with certain interference is up to 500ft (150m), and the transmission distance of image and sound in open areas without interference is as much as 700~900ft (210m~270m), and the transmission distance of indoor image and sound can cross 3-4 The distance of the fan blocking wall can reach 100ft (30m), and the distance of the wooden house can be farther. Support two-way voice real-time transmission.

.24 hours infrared invisible light night vision imaging

Using 940nm infrared light, no infrared light can be seen outside 30 ft (1m), which effectively protects the baby’s eyes and eliminates the infrared light source. The baby sleeps at ease. Parents can also see high-definition black and white images in the night vision environment. The night vision distance is up to 16ft. (5m).

.Multiple alarm reminders, safe and worry-free for babies

The camera is equipped with sound detection function, the baby sounds alarm, crying alarm, video signal interruption alarm, low battery alarm, can light up the dormant receiver, while the indicator light flashes and emits a beep sound, the sound alarm sensitivity can be set, the receiver The sound level can be set.

.The receiver comes with a rechargeable battery, which is more convenient to use

The receiver is equipped with a lithium battery, conforms to the 62133 certificate, the receiver supports power saving mode, with automatic sleep function, sleep time four gears: 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, off, the screen is not turned off, the battery can be used for about 4 hours . When the LCD is dormant, if there is sound from the camera, it can detect and light up the receiver.

.The camera comes with a lullaby, the baby sleeps peacefully

The receiver can remotely set the camera to play lullabies, up to 5 lullabies have been stored.

.The camera comes with a temperature sensor, which automatically senses the temperature of the baby’s room and gives an alarm

The receiver has a temperature display function, which can display the temperature data wirelessly transmitted by the camera. It can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and no alarm will be issued at 590F~840F (15C0~29C0). If the temperature alarm button is turned on, the receiver will sound an alarm when it is lower or higher than the above range.

.A receiver can be configured with up to four cameras

By means of code matching, adding and deleting cameras, one receiver can be connected to up to four cameras, using round-robin playback. To restore factory settings, you need to add the camera again

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